Nurture . . . protecting and enhancing wildlife-rich habitats

Conningbrook is teeming with wildlife. The site is a remarkable testimony to the way in which sensitive restoration of mineral extraction can create a rich and diverse wildlife environment.

The challenge now is to integrate the ecological interest with the potential for low-intensity family recreational opportunities.


Amongst the species seen at Conningbrook:

  • Bat - up to seven species including the rare Nathusius' pipistrelle
  • Common lizard
  • Slow worm
  • Grass snake
  • Greater crested and smooth newts
  • Badgers
  • Breeding warblers, reed buntings and other declining birds
  • Kingfisher
  • Large flocks of pochard, wigeon and other ducks in winter
  • Scarce passage migrants
  • Scarce bees and hoverflies

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As part of the environmental impact assessment that will accompany the planning application, we will be looking closely at the needs of nature and have commissioned experts to appraise the site. As part of their work, they are undertaking surveys for protected species.

The master plan for the site allocates the main lake for activities and the smaller lake to the north for nature and for ecological enhancement. In addition, there is 1.5 miles of river corridor skirting the site.

The plans are very much in line with the Government’s White Paper The Natural Choice: Securing the Value of Nature which “urges everyone to get involved in helping nature to flourish at all levels – from neighbourhoods to national parks”.

Ashford Borough Council and Brett are working closely with the Kent Wildlife Trust, the Kentish Stour Countryside Partnership, the Environment Agency and other stakeholders to secure the best possible future for wildlife at Conningbrook Lakes.